Maestro! (was Halloween)

I adopted a kitten, Halloween, in early December and renamed him Maestro, though he is still telling me his other names! He has been an absolute delight and joy! My house was feeling like an empty place since I lost my beloved previous kitty, Clawedyus, to cancer last June. With the pandemic, it was a… Read more »


Bond has become our best friend in such a short time. He loves everyone and making new friends (human and dog) is so easy for him. His favorite thing to do is to run around at the dog park with his ball. At home you can find him carrying around his stuffed Scooby Doo and… Read more »

Stormy & Meri

We adopted our 2 cats in November. They let us know these 2 were bonded and if possible should be kept together. Although hesitant at first about adopting 2 at once, we now could not imagine our life without both. They are doing great! We love having pets in our house again. They love our… Read more »

Ruger gave me the motivation I needed!

I adopted Ruger (PKA Chip) around the holidays this past year, and he is the greatest gift to my family that I could have asked for. He is a handful- I recently did a DNA test and his dad was a full Mastiff! He has so much energy and could run around in the snow… Read more »

Our amazing Olive!

Olivia, formerly known as, Gloria is doing really, really well! It only took her a couple of days to begin to nestle into her new home. She snores every night…but it’s kinda cute. Do Breathe-Rite nasal strips for dogs exist? She DEFINITELY perked up when she saw that her new home was furnished with things… Read more »


Karyn is now known as, Masha or gently Mashunya. She has lived with us a little more than a month and it feels like she has always been part of our family! Masha adjusted very well. She knows she is a mommy’s girl and, of course, takes advantage of it. She sleeps only in mommy’s… Read more »

Trip the 3 legged kitty

Trip is doing so well and adjusting to life with 3 legs perfectly! He is truly an inspiration! He doesn’t even know he has 1 less leg than most cats …. and he certainly doesn’t let it slow him down! He runs, jumps, climbs and pounces with the enthusiasm of a little tiger. We love… Read more »

Roxy, formerly Honey

We adopted Roxy in December and she is tiny! Like the Shakespeare saying said, she may be little but she is fierce! She enjoys running with all the big dogs and trips to nearby beaches. We have hiked all over and she even climbed the giant boulders at Aggasiz rocks. She doesn’t even mind hiking… Read more »


Marnie was extremely affectionate from the start. When I met her at NEAS, she would not let me stop petting her, so I knew we would be fast friends. As she has grown more comfortable in her forever home, she has become affectionate above and beyond what I thought possible. She is always receptive to… Read more »


Where do I even begin? We adopted Corey in February of 2020. We were told that Corey had some behavioral problems, like guarding his food and toys, but we fell in love with him the second we met him and we knew we had to bring him home. When we got Corey his fur was… Read more »