I adopted Buddy August 26, 2011 and I am SO happy that I did! He is the best dog I could have ever asked for. I walked into the shelter “just browsing” before seeing a movie later that evening, and as soon as I saw him I knew that Buddy was the perfect dog for… Read more »


When our wonderful cat Little Kitty Baby passed away, it was sad for all of us, but she was a shelter cat as well and lived for a good 17 years. Our other 2 cats, Bitty and Fuzzy, missed their friend and the next spring we went to NEAS and found Fiercely!  For the last… Read more »

Maggie (aka Flaka)

Our family adopted Maggie, a terrier mix, last March as a companion for our Chihuahua who had recently lost his best friend. Maggie immediately fit right into our family. The dogs are always together. They enjoy taking long walks with the family and laying by the fireplace.

Wyatt My Southern Sweetheart

I adopted Wyatt (aka Tyler) from Northeast Animal Shelter a few months ago. From the moment we met we became the best of friends. They say your pet chooses you, and I believe that is exactly what happened. We had a long car ride home and a busy night making cupcakes for a bbq but… Read more »

Mac, my wonderful cat

Mac is absolutely the perfect match for me. I have never met a cat that is so friendly and loves to give/receive attention but also likes to hang out by himself (on the other couch, in my closet, under the couch, in my bookshelves, etc). I bought him a couple catnip toys which he honestly… Read more »


My family and I were looking to add a second dog to our family for awhile. I would go to NEAS at least once every two weeks to check out what kind of dogs were there. Then, one day when I went, I found a dog that I fell in love with right away. When… Read more »


My parents, niece and I came in back in April to look at dogs. We had no intention of getting a puppy as we knew that they were a lot of work. We first met a dog named Chloe that was beautiful and friendly but a little too much dog for us. We were speaking… Read more »

Daisy a.k.a.’The Nugget’

On a weekend in July, we took a turn into the parking lot at NEAS and found the newest member of our family. Daisy, who also answers to her endearing nickname ‘The Nugget,’ is a wonderful, spirited Chihuahua. She has been a perfect fit for our family. Daisy loves her older brother, Sammy, our Labrador…. Read more »


Last Sunday, we came in with hopes of leaving with a new best friend, and that we did. We adopted our little 8 week old puppy (formerly Mike) who we named Shane. He’s such a happy boy and so fun, and playful. His favorite things are cuddling up on someone and taking a nap, or… Read more »

Amazing Ramsey a.k.a Vader

Our Family can’t say enough or how much we love Ramsey and enjoy having him in our home and part of our lives. He is a very playful and loving puppy who enjoys sleeping right along side of his family. He has recently been to the vet for his first check up where he was… Read more »