Country Bumpkin’ turned City Girl (Delphi)

I adopted Delphi from¬† Northeast Animal Shelter in May of this year. I knew from the second I saw her on the website she was the pup for me. I could not wait to get her home and settled. The first few weeks were an adjustment period for her (she spent 7 weeks in a… Read more »

Jessie a.k.a Frances

In August of 2009 my family and I adopted Jessie from your wonderful shelter and we’ve been madly in love ever since. When our family decided to adopt a dog we had all intentions of getting a 12+ week old puppy. We arrived at the shelter before it opened so that we could have our… Read more »

Molly Girl

We adopted Molly one week before I had to put my Rat Terrier down who was suffering from Lymphoma. I went to the shelter “just to look” to help me with my sadness. I didn’t want a puppy and thought I would look at older dogs. I passed Molly’s cage and she was laying down… Read more »


We adopted Brownie (now Paco) right before Halloween. The ladies at the shelter were kind enough to let us bring him home to meet our two senior dogs and see how they all got along. Well they all got along fabulous and still do. He has been such a joy and has made our furry… Read more »


My Husband Mark surprised me by going to the shelter and adopting a beautiful coon Cat named Polly. Mark renamed her Spook. We love her so much and she brings so much joy and fun to our household. She is a house cat , but we wanted her to be able to enjoy some of… Read more »

Princess (formerly Veronica)

I was heartbroken when my 21 year old cat passed in 2011 and I missed him terribly. On my local cable station, I saw pets up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter and I knew I needed another furry family member. One night after work I went to the shelter and fell in love… Read more »

Jasper (a.k.a. Peanut)

Back in June of 1998 I adopted Jasper (a.k.a. Peanut) from the shelter. When I first met him he was on hold for another potential owner but I returned the next day and he was available again. I took him home that night and he has been there for me ever since. We have moved… Read more »

Diego (a.k.a. Boogie) Comes East

In the summer of 2012 our family began looking for a friend for our two-year-old Chihuahua named Prudence. We came to Northeast Animal Shelter one night in August and learned about Boogie, a four-year-old male Chihuahua who had come east from Los Angeles with a recent arrival of “Flying Chihauhuas.” Boogie had been in the… Read more »

Our Awesome Peanut

Linus is now named “Peanut.” For a Beagle he actually very quiet most of the time. No howling and very little barking. He loves giving kisses and snuggling. We have an acre of fenced in yard that he runs around in. He is friendly with other dogs, just says “Hi” and keeps doing his business…. Read more »

Dixie (The Diva)

My boyfriend and I adopted our beautiful girl Dixie in Nov 2012. It will be a year since we had her and its been the best year for all of us as one big happy family. Dixie came from Georgia.¬† She was abandoned with her 8 pups and left to die. Thank God someone was… Read more »