My mother and I adopted Timmy in July 2019 after our cat Spencer died at age 16 from nasal cancer. However my mother passed way in September 2019 and I am raising Timmy on my own. At first, he was fresh and out of sorts but over time with care and lot of love and understanding he has turned into a great boy! We have a schedule to our day and he loves that I am working from home now. Timmy enjoys sitting in my work chair being a sleeping ‘co-worker’. Timmy has a cat tree that he loves to sit in looking out the patio window as well as a window perch seat looking out my bedroom window. We play laser toy all time (his favorite) and he loves to run around the house and get lots of exercise. He loves my boyfriend and has bonded with us. Overall, Timmy has turned into a great pet and total cuddle bug.