It was the last week of March 2020. Businesses are starting to shut down, and I am alone in my house. I grew up with a beautiful black lab mix named Bruno from the North East Animal Shelter. after saying my final good bye to Bruno in February 2020 ( he was 6 years old) I knew I had to give another dog everything they never had. I had been searching shelters long an hard and every dog I thought could be a perfect fit was already spoken for. Discouraged and all, I put in an adoption application to the North East Animal Shelter and said I don’t know which ones I am interested in but I am looking for an energetic dog. A few days later the shelter called be back and said we have a dog named Shaw he’s 7 months old has a lot of energy but we promise he means well. I showed up to the Shelter that afternoon and met this over the top kind of crazy dog. He was running around the room, jumping on the benches, and trying to get on the table with the computer. Shaw lived up to his description! He was over the top energy, and had no idea what personal space was. After playing with him I knew he was perfect! It has been almost a year and a half since I adopted him. He just passed his second birthday! I am so happy to have Shaw in my life! He has plenty of fur friends and has a very busy social calendar. We play non- stop, we go on adventures every weekend together. He has play dates twice a week an goes to “school” 2 days a week while I go into the office. HE is the life of the party and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you North East for paring me with Shaw. If I was going by your website and deciding on what dogs to meet myself I would have never picked Shaw. I am so happy the shelter took the time to get to know me an found the perfect fit for my best friend!