This is Duck, otherwise known as Duck-Duck, Puppy, Goober and countless other nicknames. When we met him, he was a very skinny 53 pounds and despite being in the shelter, he was happy and snuggly. Now, he’s gained 17 pounds and is a very healthy and still happy boy. He loves toys (although he hasn’t figured out that he’s not supposed to rip them apart), sniffing our knees when we come back from an excursion, and long walks/runs. One of his favorite things in the whole world is snacks. He’d do anything for a bacon-flavored treat and he’s successfully mastered “down” and “sit up”. He also adores car rides and when we get his harness out, he starts whole-body wriggling, excited to go on an adventure. We’re still working on how to meet other dogs calmly but he’s getting there. We look forward to many more years with this “snuggle-duck”. Thank you NEAS for introducing us to him.
– The C Family