Astro is now named, HENRY, and is doing wonderful! We adore him and I think the feeling is mutual. For the first 2 weeks, he slept on his bed on the floor next to my bed. Now he is pretty much in one of our beds every night. I often wake up and find him lying on his back with front paws in the air. Such a silly boy. He loves his belly rubs and toys, he greets me at the door whenever I come home with a big kiss and tucks his head into my neck️. We go to the beach or state park every day and he is doing great with loose leash walking, sit and down commands, and he has several new puppy friends in the neighborhood. He has a crate that he will take a toy or treat into but mostly just for comfort. I could go on and on but, rest assured we are all very happy! Also, thank you so much for all of your hard work. You made the process so easy. We took Henry home with full hearts, and with a wealth of information to help him and us with the transition.  I am confident that you and the rest of the staff are there if we need anything. Sending love and puppy kisses!