I think Abbigail is a typical puppy, chewing on everything, getting over excited when the kids play with her etc. She has picked me as her main human and we will go on walks and cuddle. She even tries to sit on my lap like the cat, except she’s too big for that already!

My son has been so great with her which is surprising as he was always more weary of dogs in general. He always asks to take her out to the bathroom and has been really good with listening and doing it the way we’ve been training her to keep the consistency. My daughter is loving her too but she gets too overwhelmed when she jumps up since when the dog jumps up she’s taller than my daughter. We hope to do a puppy class with her to learn how to break that habit as well as teach her the basic dog moves.

I have been following your facebook page for a while knowing we eventually were looking for a dog when the time was right for us. We love what you guys do for all of the cats and dogs, and love reading about it on the page as well. Everything from our first step in the doors to the adoption was perfect and you were great helping us when we found Abbigail. We had a lot of questions as new dog owners and you answered them all for us. Kudos to you and all the staff there at NEAS. We have told everyone where we got her and how great it was, and my brother and sister in law will be coming down soon to look for themselves as well!